ONLINE TRAINING- Innovation and Improvement

Event Date

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019

11:00 am

Duration: 2 hours

Trainer: Laura Lebec, Wren & Greyhound

Topic: Organisational culture that fosters innovation and learning

Software: GoToTraining (all you need is a charged laptop, an internet connection and enthusiasm to join the session)

Who is it for: this training session will be particularly useful for managers and leaders within organisations. The toolkit is specifically designed for non-profit organisations but the session’s content is applicable to universities and social enterprises.

Learning Objectives:
1.    Improved understanding of how cultures of innovation and improvement can be supported
2.    Increased understanding of the role learning plays in ensuring a project makes a lasting difference, 
3.    An awareness of different ways to improve your organisation's ways of working,

Session Outputs:
•    Identification of specific actions to support innovation and improve your organisation, which can be developed into an action plan.

Why you should attend:
Creative management consultancy Wren & Greyhound will facilitate a two-hour training session, which will explore the ‘innovation’ and ‘improvement’ sections of their ‘Lasting Difference’ guide to sustaining organisations and their impact. The guide is specifically designed to help non-profit organisations create lasting change and build sustainable organisations.
The online training session will cover key elements of the ‘Lasting Difference’ guide and allow time for peers to share their experiences in a supportive environment.  Attendees will be able to reflect on both the challenges and opportunities of nurturing an organisational culture that fosters innovation and learning.

“Radical new ideas and breakthroughs are rare. Most innovation is about incremental improvement about what is already there”.  

Please note that spaces for this training session are capped at twelve to ensure that there is a conducive learning environment. If you have never participated in an online training, or, if you have any questions about using the online software please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team, who will answer all of your questions.

What previous participants said:
•    “Really helpful in focussing on the specifics.  Sometimes training in this area is too general to apply to our organisation's specific challenges.  Was helpful to clarify where the gap lies for us and taking that further.”
•    “Useful - our organisation is perhaps less ‘usual’ in how it operates.  Helped me realise that I do know how to create sustainable organisations. " 
•    “
Informative, thought provoking and a bit of fun.  Good to meet new people and share new ideas and perspectives.”

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