Civil Society Voice: Edinburgh

Event Date

Tuesday, 13th November 2018

2:00 pm

Location: Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2JL

Time: 14:00-15:45



Civil society has a long and proud tradition of advocating for social change, yet the space for campaigning has become ever tighter in recent years, especially in England and Wales. While charities in Scotland face fewer restrictions than those south of the border, they may still be affected by UK-wide measures that make it harder for civil society to speak truth to power.  

These include the non-party campaigning rules that cover elections and referendums, and restrictions in UK government grants and contracts. The Lobbying (Scotland) Act, which came into force earlier this year, also places new rules on engaging with MSPs and their advisers. 

Bond and Quakers in Britain are working with organisations from across the UK to create a more open environment for advocacy and campaigning. They want to hear from you about your experience of advocating for social change in your area, and how you think support for campaigning and the rules that govern it can be improved. 

This free afternoon round-table meeting will also be an opportunity to: 

  • Learn more about the wider environment for voice and campaigning in Scotland and the UK
  • Connect with other organisations and share your experiences
  • Hear from leading civil society voices about work that is already underway to push for change.

Although the Alliance is co-hosting this event in Scotland, Bond and Quakers are also running events in Manchester and London.  Funding for this work is provided by Civitates.


For any queries, please email events@bond.org.uk



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