Working in Partnership and Involving People – How do we do it better? Online training

Event Date

Wednesday, 25th April 2018

10:00 am

In the second part of this new online series on organisational sustainability, we look at how we involve, include and work together with people.

Building on the first training session where we considered what we mean by sustainability – whether it be organisational or project sustainability, in this session we focus on how we work with partners, communities and other stakeholders. What do you do well? What and how could you improve those relationships?

This interactive online series is facilitated by Wren and Greyhound and is based on their sustainability toolkit ‘A Lasting Difference’ that explores the four core capabilities of sustainability: Involvement, Income Generation, Innovation and Improvement, and Impact Measurement.

Over the series, we will look at three topics tailored to the international development sector; Sustainability, Partnerships and Income Generation. Three key factors for any organisation.

2. Partnership: 10am-12..30pm 25th April 2018. Registration now open.

By the end of this session:

  • You will look at the different types of partnerships
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities
  • Find areas for improvement and develop an action plan to take this forward.

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