Sustainability - what does it mean?

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Wednesday, 21st March 2018

9:00 am

21st March 2018

Sustainability – we hear it all the time but what does it actually mean? And what is it referring to?  

In this new online series, we look at what we mean by sustainability in relation to your organisation.  

Whilst experiencing periods of growth, we sometimes forget to plan for the future; or sometimes we have a great plan, but find it hard to implement because we are being pulled in so many directions. Are there ways that we could plan better? And how can we make sure we keep on track when there is so much else going on?  

If we truly want to support people in other countries, thinking about the sustainability of our organisation, partnerships and income is important.   

This interactive online series is facilitated by Wren and Greyhound and is based on their sustainability toolkit ‘A Lasting Difference’, that explores the four core capabilities of sustainability: Involvement, Income Generation, Innovation and Improvement, and Impact Measurement.

Over the series, we will look at three topics tailored to the international development sector; Sustainability, Partnerships and Income Generation. Three key factors for any organisation.

  1. Sustainability. 

         By the end of this first session, you will have: 

  • Improved your understanding of sustainability
  • Increased ability to think about sustainability in new ways
  • Gained access to new tools for working on sustainability
  • Increased ability to assess the sustainability of their project or organisation
  • Increased ability to make plans for improving sustainability.   

2. Partnership: 10am-12..30pm 25th April 2018. Registration to open soon. 

3. Income Generation: 10am-12.30pm 23rd May 2018. Registration to open soon 

Whether you are a board member, chief executive, director or founder, this is an opportunity to reflect on the strengths of the organisation and potential areas for improvement.

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