Assessing your partners' financial health – 2 day workshop

Event Date

Thursday, 19th April 2018

9:00 am

The Alliance is pleased to welcome MANGO (soon to be known as Humentum) who will deliver a workshop on “Assessing your Partners’ Financial Health”.

This workshop would normally cost £550, but is completely free for members! Don't miss out!

This course aims to build the confidence and skills of NGO staff to assess and strengthen local partner NGOs' financial management systems and capacity.The workshop is aimed at programme and finance staff who support implementing partner organisations and look at the capacity of partner organisations to manage grants of all sizes.

The core components of this course are:

  • How to prepare for the financial review process
  • Using best practice frameworks and checklists to assess financial health and financial risk during a desk review
  • Interpreting partners’ financial reports, including audited financial statements
  • How to conduct a successful in-person review during a site visit
  • Conducting a financial health assessment of a case study partner NGO

If you'd like more information on the course, please contact Jane.

Please note: this is a two-day workshop (19th of April - 20th of April), for Alliance members only and participants are expected to attend both full days.

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