What Difference Are We Making? A look at Impact Assessment

Event Date

Tuesday, 27th February 2018

11:00 am

What difference are we really making? A look at Impact Assessment

MEL Working Group

Tuesday 27th February 2018 11am-1pm

Foundation Scotland, 15 Calton Rd, Edinburgh EH8 8DL

For charities big and small, making a difference is why we exist. How do we know we are really making the impact we want to achieve? Are we asking the right questions?  Come along to our next MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning) Working Group to find out more about Impact Assessment.

As requested by members, this meeting will focus on how organisations look and assess the impact of their work, vital to ensuring the work you do is meeting your organisations vision and goals.

Monika Sledziowska, First Aid Africa and Chris Martin, Impact and Learning Advisor at Mary’s Meals will be presenting.

Monika will be speaking about the first stages of looking at imapct assessment when capacity and resource is limited. 

Chris will be speaking about the basics and practical initial lessons learned from Mary’s Meals experience with quasi-experimental methods

Over the past three years, Mary’s Meals has embarked on the process of implementing 3 related longitudinal, quasi-experimental impact assessments in Malawi, Zambia, and Liberia. Throughout this process, our M&E teams have learned a number of valuable, generalisable lessons about how an organisation can simply and effectively implement impact research and prepare for the challenges which they might encounter along the way. A few of the areas which will be covered in the presentation will be around deciding on the rationale for undertaking impact research, selecting appropriate methods, thinking about the analysis process, and understanding and documenting the effects of bias in data.

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