CPG on International Development: Climate Justice - Why the Climate Bill must be bold

CPG on International Development: Climate Justice - Why the Climate Bill must be bold

26th September 2018, 13:00

Despite having done the least to cause the problem, climate change is threatening the world’s poorest the most and first. To ensure that the voices of the climate threatened are heard in the debate on the new Climate Bill, currently going through the Scottish Parliament, we are welcoming people from across the world to comment on how Climate Change is affecting their country and why urgent and bold action is needed from high-emitting countries like Scotland.

Earlier this year, the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Coalition brought together the testimonies of 100 people around the world, calling on Scotland to “Give it 100%” by enshrining in law a 2050 net-zero target. At this meeting, we will present video testimonies of some participants in the 100 Voices campaign, and ensure that those most affected by climate change are placed at the heart of the debate.

We are also delighted to welcome Howard Msukwa to the Parliament, a smallholder farmer from Malawi who grows maize and rice. He is currently Vice Chair of the Kaporo Smallholder Farmers Association with some 7 000 members and sits of the national board of the farmers’ associations of Malawi, NASFAM. He will talk about how climate change is affecting rice farmers, with changing patterns of rainfall; and about effective ways of countering this and their cost.

Geraldine Hill, Advocacy Manager at SCIAF, will give an overview of Scotland’s climate journey since the 2009 Climate Bill through to the Paris Agreements in 2015 and now the new Bill.

Finally, we will hear expert views from people specialising in supporting the Least Developed Countries in the climate negotiations, in climate justice, and in the costs of inaction.

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