CPG Int Dev: “Glasgow Climate Dialogues” & Look Ahead to COP26

CPG Int Dev: “Glasgow Climate Dialogues” & Look Ahead to COP26

6th October 2021, 18:00

COP26 is one of the most important conferences of its kind, and is an opportunity for a step-change in global action to tackle the climate emergency.

Globally climate action is currently off track to meet commitments set out in the Paris Agreement. It is widely recognised that countries in the Global South are disproportionately affected by the adverse impacts of climate change, yet have done little or nothing to cause the problem and often hold the most effective solutions to tackle the problem.

For COP26 to be successful, it must deliver for the Global South.

In September 2021, the Scottish Government in collaboration with Scottish civil society convenes the Glasgow Climate Dialogues - a series of high-level meetings with representatives of Government and civil society in the global south to understand some of their key issues ahead of COP26.

This meeting of the CPG on International Development will invite Global South participants in these Dialogues alongside the Scottish Government to present the outcomes of the talks, and therefore what needs to happen at COP26 to deliver genuine, equitable global progress.

Full agenda and speaker list available soon.

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