Climate Justice Innovation Fund information session

Climate Justice Innovation Fund information session

29th May 2018, 10:00 to 12:00

Event venue to be confirmed. 

If you are interested in attending and wish to register for the event, please email the Corra Foundation

Background to The Climate Justice Innovation Fund (CJIF):

The concept of climate justice is based on a simple and powerful message: the poor and vulnerable at home and overseas are the first to be affected by climate change, and will suffer the worst, yet have done little or nothing to cause the problem.

The negative impact of climate change is felt the most by those who are already vulnerable because of geography, poverty, gender, age, indigenous or minority status, and disability. The concept of climate justice, which links human rights and development, provides a new and progressive policy platform for a sustainable climate agenda.

The Climate Justice Innovation Fund (CJIF) is open to any Scottish-based organisation, working in partnership with in-country partner(s), to support the delivery of climate justice-related projects which demonstrate innovation in the field.  CJIF projects should be delivered in one or more of the Scottish Government’s International Development sub-Saharan partner countries (Malawi, Zambia or Rwanda) and must also support the project country’s own development priorities as well as the Scottish Government’s Climate Justice and International Development aims.


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