Building World Justice Today: The Power of Popular Movements

Building World Justice Today: The Power of Popular Movements

14th October 2017, 10:30 to 18:30

Join us for a full day of workshops, speakers, stalls and activities. Learn from some of the movements that have made change across the world, from South Africa to Syria. Discuss the road ahead after Trump and the Brexit vote. Join the debate on whether neoliberalism is dead, and what might replace it with:

·         Margie Orford of PEN South Africa

·         Stephen Smellie from UNISON Scotland

·         Dorothy Guerrero of Global Justice Now

Speakers from anti-war, global justice, women’s and trade union movements will debate key questions about the changing patterns of power, dominance and resistance across the world.

Come and discuss ways of organising for social change, and how our movements can work more closely together, in Scotland and globally.

Workshops from:

Scottish PEN on digital justice in the age of surveillance

Oxfam discusses economic justice and the nature of prosperity

Christian Aid brings global stories of transformation for climate justice

Friends of the Earth Scotland talks on global movements for environmental justice

Global Justice Now explores the fight for trade justice

All welcome – please register early to ensure a place.

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